Gold Star - 5,119 Points [Buddy Holly Cheesehead] (01/04/60 / Chicago)


121. The Question Poem 5/13/2019
122. A Letter To The N. R. A. 5/29/2019
123. I'd Be A Kind Fellow 6/11/2019
124. If You Wake Up In Heaven 6/29/2019
125. Cat & Dog Tail 7/21/2019
126. I'm Just A Guy Who Plays Guitar 7/21/2019
127. I'm Attracted To Her But 7/27/2019
128. Special 8/2/2019
129. I Fell Off The Roof Dream 9/18/2017
130. Flash In The Pan 9/22/2017
131. Feu De Paille 9/24/2017
132. Burnt Pizza In The Rain 9/27/2017
133. I Want To Ride Your Saddle Play For A Duet 10/7/2017
134. Rock N Roll 10/30/2017
135. My Hat 11/4/2017
136. When You Write Your Holiday Greetings 11/9/2017
137. I'm In The Holiday Spirit 11/13/2017
138. 99-99 12/1/2017
139. A Beautiful Day I Heard You Say 12/10/2017
140. Live Your Life Like It's Going Out Of Style 1/2/2018
141. Can I Make You Smile 1/16/2018
142. A Poem For Someone Graduating Or Having A Life Change Of Some Sort 1/28/2018
143. Santa Ant 2/17/2018
144. What I Like About Puppies 2/28/2018
145. Grilled Cheese Sandwich Haiku 2/28/2018
146. Are You Cool? 3/1/2018
147. How To Be Energized 3/6/2018
148. Thank You God The Father 3/6/2018
149. Dangerous 3/30/2018
150. I Want To Be Who I Am By Art Paul Schlosser 4/1/2018
151. Not All Men Are Jerks 4/4/2018
152. Fame And Fortune Can Be Fleeting 5/19/2018
153. Sandwich Haiku 6/1/2018
154. The Problem With Friendship Haiku 6/8/2018
155. Her Answer Haiku 6/9/2018
156. At The Concert Haiku 6/9/2018
157. Farmer Haiku 6/9/2018
158. Rainy Day Haiku 6/10/2018
159. Old Friend Haiku 6/10/2018
160. Rare Rose Haiku 6/11/2018


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My Opinion Of Romance

I don't care about romancing a star even if it were the rarest
Or painting the heavens with cosmic energy just to impress some unique bird with angelic wings
Sure my eyes are amazed at your glowing charm
But would you love one such as I
An outcast never really fitting in

I mean if we were both blind we could see the real kindness
So each time a I see a pearl with a dragon's mouth I only think who water that flower with vinegar
Who needs a headache or to keep hitting oneself in the head just top own such a fantastic picture of the sky
Real love is 2 people working ...

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I Like My Mother

There's candy
Good dreams
And I like my Mother!

Mothers are sweet
Mothers are nice
They help you

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