Arta Krasniqi

Arta Krasniqi Poems

1. Forgiving You 8/16/2012
2. The Clown 4/23/2015
3. The Wild Flower 4/23/2015
4. Before 4/23/2015
5. Searching 4/23/2015
6. When They Held Hands 4/24/2015
7. To My Future Baby 4/28/2015
8. You 5/4/2015
9. How I Know I Love You 5/8/2015
10. Untamed Hearts 5/8/2015
11. Heartbeats 7/16/2015
12. Secret Friendship 7/16/2015
13. Hunger 7/16/2015
14. I Am Sunshine 7/16/2015
15. Blue Home 3/6/2012
16. Water Song 3/25/2012
17. Words 2/20/2012
18. Fragile 2/20/2012
19. The Wrestler 7/16/2015
20. The Beast 7/16/2015
21. The Fall 8/26/2015
22. Find Me 8/26/2015
23. In Love And War 8/28/2015
24. Truth Or Dare 8/28/2015
25. I Remember 8/28/2015
26. Dragons And Fairies 9/3/2015
27. What The Earth Told The Sun Ii 6/2/2017
28. I Am Made Of Gold 7/19/2017
29. What We Learned 6/2/2017
30. What The Earth Told The Sun 6/2/2017
31. Me And You 8/26/2015
32. Some Nights 8/26/2015
33. If 8/26/2015
34. Meaningless Breath 5/23/2012
35. If I Make It To Heaven 7/16/2015
36. Heart Is A Strange Thing 8/26/2015
37. A Short Answer 8/26/2015
38. I Am A Fish! 2/20/2012
39. My Dear Sister 6/17/2012

Comments about Arta Krasniqi

  • Aboutalib Toupa Esfandiari (12/26/2015 2:57:00 AM)

    Hi dear Arta, your poems are as nice as your country. I am a poet and teacher. you are so cute as Dorresa. write to me please.

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  • Fabrizio Frosini Fabrizio Frosini (8/27/2015 7:06:00 AM)

    here's a 'LIKE'.. as you're a very good poet, indeed

    and remember: you're part of that ''infinity'' which is all of us.. ;)

Best Poem of Arta Krasniqi

My Dear Sister

You'll grow up one day my dear sister
and you'll realize the beautiful world you see
is a pale love of those who greed
the blue sky you see these days
glue that picture in your mind
for you are never going to see it again
when you grow up my dear...
I wish you hadn't...
I wish you never learn that people lie
people hate...
people are the machineries of wicked things
I wish I never see you hurt,
because I know you will get hurt some day
by some bad friend whose words are cold and pale
or by people, who never seem to get enough of weak laughter...
I ...

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Water Song

They say you don't have a smell
but I feel it in the air
your pure drops
your sound of falling
your dance with the sun
They say you don't have a color
but you do, you just do not have one in particular

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