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I am Artemis. I am a young adult not knowing how to be alive. With every ounce of hope I fall, and no one even knows it. The only one who knows is God, but what good does that do? Jesus wouldn't let me fall to far but no one has to know that I'm dying inside, except for Jesus. These are my personally feelings inside... Enjoy my insides.

This was the old me. Now that I'm twenty. I've learned that life isn't perfect and that all things happen for a reason. The terrible events that took place in my life were just a test of faith in a sense. I am alot stronger and a lot happier since then. Artemis Zeus of course is not my real name, but the name I've chosen for myself. I have the misfortune of Amber Hightower. The poems I'm going to be writing about now are poems of hope, love, life and struggle. My poems are soon to appear back on here. Updates

It's Just My Akwardness

You see me figit with my hands
The thing that you can't understand
Is I am thinking restlessly
But you just see my Akwardness

Just watch my body move and move
I look like a child who has no room
My heart burns as my stomach churns
But It's Just my Akwardness

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