Arthur Chapman Poems

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Out Where The West Begins

Out where the handclasp’s a little stronger,
Out where the smile dwells a little longer,
That’s where the West begins;

Out Among The Big Things

Out among the big things —
The mountains and the plains —
An hour ain’t important,
Nor are the hour’s gains;

Men In The Rough

Men in the rough--on the trails all new-broken--
Those are the friends we remember with tears;
Few are the words that such comrades have spoken--

Pete's Error

There’s a new grace up on Boot Hill, where we’ve planted Rowdy Pete;
He died one evenin’, sudden, with his leather on his feet;

The Cow-Puncher's Elegy

I've ridden nigh a thousand leagues upon two bands of steel,
And it takes a grizzled Westerner to know just how I feel;

The Diamond Hitch

When camp is moved, at break of day,
Then comes old Packer Bill--a king
Who rules, with most despotic sway,

The Dude Center

We used to run a cow-ranch,
In all that old term meant,
But all our ancient glories
In recent years have went;

The Herder's Reverie

The sheep are down at the water, a-drinkin' their bloomin' fill,
An' me and the dog are dozin', as herders and collies will;

The High-Heeled Boots

He stands upon the city street, keen-eyed, and brown of face,
He seems to bring a breath of air from some broad prairie space;

The Magic Mulligan

A rider from the Two-Bar come with news from off the range:
He said he's seen a dust cloud that looked almighty strange,

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