Arthur Garcia

Arthur Garcia Poems

1. Never Surrender 12/5/2012
2. Angel Love 12/5/2012
3. Lonesome Ghoul 12/5/2012
4. Altered With Grace 12/5/2012
5. Paralyzed 12/12/2012
6. Tabu 12/12/2012
7. Future Self Shock 12/12/2012
8. Internal Hard Fall 12/14/2012
9. Edge Of Existence 12/14/2012
10. Passage Through Malice 12/24/2012
11. Powerbound 12/29/2012
12. Meltdown 12/29/2012
13. Blemished Blue 12/29/2012
14. Out Of Touch 12/29/2012
15. Falling Down 12/29/2012
16. The Beginning End 12/29/2012
17. Enviornmental Syndrome 12/4/2012
18. Slither 12/4/2012
19. Love Cherish Love 12/5/2012
20. D'Railed 12/5/2012
21. Sexy Shame 12/5/2012
Best Poem of Arthur Garcia

Sexy Shame

Rotten right down to the core
Born in to a whore of no more
Stunted to a mind of no explore
Trust in life is twisted & tore

Forever left out in the street
Flaunting for somebody to greet
All playing to the same old beat
Running from a bold badge of heat

Heart pierced with sharp edge knife
Will never escape this nasty ass life
Hope is all lost in being a loving wife
A prayer to forgive this life of strife


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Love Cherish Love

If you have a Love
That feels the same for you
Cherish this Love
For you will never be blue

If you have a Love
Who is thankful & grateful
Cherish this Love
For she will always be plentiful

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