Arthur Guiterman

(1871-1943 / United States)

Biography of Arthur Guiterman

Arthur Guiterman poet

Arthur Guiterman (pronounced /ˈɡɪtərmən/; November 20, 1871 - January 11, 1943) was an American writer best known for his humorous poems.

Guiterman was born of American parents in Vienna, graduated from the College of the City of New York in 1891, and was married in 1909 to Vida Lindo. He was an editor of the Woman's Home Companion and the Literary Digest. In 1910, he cofounded the Poetry Society of America, and later served as its president in 1925-26. Updates

Going To Dover

'Leg over leg
As the dog went to Dover;
When he came to a stile,
Jump he went over.'

Perhaps you wouldn't see it here,
But, to my fancy, 't is quite clear
That Mother Goose just meant to show
How the dog Patience on doth go:

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