Arthur Schlesinger

Biography of Arthur Schlesinger

Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Sr. (February 27, 1888 – October 30, 1965) was an American historian. His son, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. was also a noted historian.

Schlesinger's father, Bernhard Schlesinger, was a Prussian Jew, and his mother, Kate (née Feurle), was an Austrian Catholic. The two joined the Protestant church together and emigrated to Xenia, Ohio in 1872. Schlesinger was born in Xenia.

He was born in Xenia, Ohio, and graduated from the Ohio State University in 1910. He took his Ph.D. in history at Columbia University. He taught at Ohio State and the University of Iowa before joining the faculty of Harvard University as a professor of history in 1924. Schlesinger taught at Harvard until 1954. Harvard's Schlesinger Library in women's history is named after him and his wife Elizabeth, a noted feminist. He became an editor of the New England Quarterly in 1928.

Arthur enjoyed strong family ties and commitment. His two sisters Olga and Marion Etna became school teachers and made it possible for their three younger brothers (George, Arthur and Hugo) to attend college graduating in engineering history and law. One of his sons was born Arthur Bancroft Schlesinger and added "Meier" as his middle name later in life Updates

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