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David Mort 16 January 2019

It was a privilege to be taught how to be a copywriter by him - although he was hardly a lover of advertising.

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Pepe the frog 16 March 2018

I will get u in the night when you least expect me...

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Monsieur Sauvage 07 March 2018


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mmmmm 07 March 2018


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Ann Thoson 10 December 2017

I am searching for a lovely poem that he wrote about a witch weaving a spiders web which relates how lives are connected by thin threads like a web. I can remember one line '....remember the words in the books you are burning' Anyone know it I have been looking for it for years

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Tim Devereux 16 December 2014

I have a copy of 'England' by A.S.J.Tessimond, enclosed in one of my Dad's WW2 letters to my Mum. Interesting, powerful poem. Does anyone know if it is in any of his published collections? Thanks TFD

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Jaye Tee 15 July 2008

I have read an interesting poem called Jamaican Bus Ride by A.S.J. Tessimond, but I did not see it on the list of poems above. Jamaican Bus Ride The live fowl squatting on the grapefruit and the bananas in the basket of the copper-coloured lady is gloomy but resigned. The four very large baskets on the floor are in everybody's way, as the conductor points out loudly, often, but in vain. Two quadroon dandies are disputing who is standing on whose feet. When we stop, a boy vanishes through the door marked ENTRANCE; but those entering through the door marked EXIT are greatly hindered by the fact that when we started there were twenty standing, and another ten have somehow inserted themselves into invisible crannies between dark sweating body and body. With the odour of petrol both excessive and alarming we hurtle hell-for-leather between crimson bougainvillea blossom and scarlet poinsettia and miraculously do not run over three goats, seven hens and a donkey as we pray that the driver has not fortified himself at Daisy's Drinking Saloon with more than four rums: or by the gods of Jamaica this day is our last! By A.S.J. Tessimond, ENGLAND

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Dilki 19 June 2021

It would be great if the poem can be provided with an analysis by someone in order to realise the figurative meaning of the poem

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