Arthur Sze

Arthur Sze Poems

1. Midnight Loon 5/22/2015
2. Morning Antlers 12/7/2015
3. Before Completion 1/17/2018
4. Chrysalis 1/17/2018
5. Kintsugi 1/17/2018
6. Midnight Flame 1/17/2018
7. The Negative 1/17/2018
8. Net Light 1/17/2018
9. The Opal 1/17/2018
10. The Redshifting Web 1/17/2018
11. Shooting Star 1/17/2018
12. Streamers 1/17/2018
13. Ten Thousand to One 1/17/2018
14. White Sands 1/17/2018
15. First Snow 1/17/2018
16. Strike-Slip 1/17/2018
17. Unpacking a Globe 1/17/2018
18. Crisscross 1/17/2018
19. Comet Hyakutake 1/17/2018
20. At the Equinox 1/17/2018
21. Looking Back on the Muckleshoot Reservation from Galisteo Street, Santa Fe 1/17/2018
22. The Chance 1/17/2018
23. Here 1/17/2018
24. Glimmer Train 1/17/2018
25. IN YOUR HONOR 1/17/2018
26. THE GIFT 1/17/2018
28. Stilling To North 1/28/2015
29. The Owl 1/13/2003
30. Slanting Light 1/20/2003
31. The Shapes Of Leaves 1/20/2003
32. Spring Snow 1/20/2003

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Best Poem of Arthur Sze

Spring Snow

A spring snow coincides with plum blossoms.
In a month, you will forget, then remember
when nine ravens perched in the elm sway in wind.

I will remember when I brake to a stop,
and a hubcap rolls through the intersection.
An angry man grinds pepper onto his salad;

it is how you nail a tin amulet ear
into the lintel. If, in deep emotion, we are
possessed by the idea of possession,

we can never lose to recover what is ours.
Sounds of an abacus are amplified and condensed
to resemble sounds of hail on a tin roof,

but mind opens to the smell of ...

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The Owl

The path was purple in the dusk.
I saw an owl, perched,
on a branch.

And when the owl stirred, a fine dust
fell from its wings. I was
silent then. And felt

the owl quaver. And at dawn, waking,
the path was green in the
May light.

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