Arthur V. Miller III

Rookie (04/19/1992 / Mother Earth)

Biography of Arthur V. Miller III

Arthur V. Miller III poet

I am the third in my family to have the name Arthur Miller... I do not only write poems, I just write anything that I feel. Hey I'm a writer, a romantic, a artist, hell I'm a prodigy and I think all people are equal regardless of what you are' We are all humans in the end'. I live by that code.

Arthur V. Miller III's Works:

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United Race(Speech)

Remember what were fighting for, not physically yet verbally. If one single man can stand tall against a nation and touch millions of hearts, imagine the possibilities if just ten could do the same. I ask you mothers & fathers, you sent there and complain about what your child has done bad, but what kind of adversity or teachings has caused this c

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