Arti Honrao

Rookie (20-09-1977 / Bombay, INDIA)

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Arti Honrao poet

A deep thinker, currently trying to figure out the purpose of living, contemplating on the happenings of life, deriving meaning out of what seems to be meaningless and making note of what I have to achieve before I die!

On the wings of Poetry I fly high... Hopeful and inspired! Without it I lay like a person alive, yet not so!

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Recently I have created a forum for poets/writers to come together and share their work...
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100 Ink Drops - Prnted book
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100 Ink Drops - on CD
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Don’t stop me
Let me fall into nothingness
Let me live as if there were no today, no tomorrow
As if there was no joy, no sorrow!

Let me feel the lightness
As I fall deep, deeper and much deeper
Let me close my eyes to the light
And enjoy darkness to the heart’s delight

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