Artwell Masuku

Rookie - 80 Points (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe)

Biography of Artwell Masuku

Artwell Masuku was born in Pumula, Bulawayo. He currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has studied various subject at several schools and institutions, none of which resulted in a degree. He works for a living as a computer engineer, freelance journalist and writes for fun.
He has published poems in 'GIYA MTHWAKAZI' a Ndebele poetry anthology (Longman, Zimbabwe,1990) . Some of his works are published on SMASHWORDS and LULU. Updates

Tell Me

Tell me that life
Is not about waiting
For the storm to pass
But about learning to dance
In the rain

Tell me about love
That the most painful thing
In life is seeing the one you love

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