Arun Kolatkar

(1 November 1932 – 25 September 2004 / Maharashtra / India)

Arun Kolatkar Poems

1. The Manohar 3/29/2012
2. The Reservoir 3/29/2012
3. The Pattern 3/29/2012
4. The Station Master 3/29/2012
5. Traffic Lights 3/29/2012
6. The Indicator 3/29/2012
7. The Tea Stall 3/29/2012
8. The Horseshoe Shrine 3/29/2012
9. The Doorstep 3/29/2012
10. Hills 3/29/2012
11. A Low Temple 3/29/2012
12. Yeshwant Rao 3/29/2012
13. The Door 3/29/2012
14. Makarand 3/29/2012
15. Station Dog 3/29/2012
16. Pi-Dog 3/29/2012
17. A Game Of Tigers And Sheep 3/29/2012
18. Heart Of Ruin 3/29/2012
19. Chaitanya 1 3/29/2012
20. Scratch 3/29/2012
21. Chaitanya 3/29/2012
22. The Butterfly 3/29/2012
23. The Bus 3/29/2012
24. An Old Woman 3/29/2012

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Best Poem of Arun Kolatkar

An Old Woman

An old woman grabs
hold of your sleeve
and tags along.

She wants a fifty paise coin.
She says she will take you
to the horseshoe shrine.

You've seen it already.
She hobbles along anyway
and tightens her grip on your shirt.

She won't let you go.
You know how old women are.
They stick to you like a burr.

You turn around and face her
with an air of finality.
You want to end the farce.

When you hear her say,
‘What else can an old woman do
on hills as wretched as these?'

You look right at the sky.
Clear through the ...

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This is the time of day I like best,
and this the hour
when I can call this city my own;

when I like nothing better
than to lie down here, at the exact centre
of this traffic island

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