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201. Why Does Man Wear A Dress? 8/28/2016
202. Where Poetry Comes From? 4/18/2017
203. আমি মরলে তোমরা কেঁদো না 3/11/2017
204. Your Happy Hips 9/21/2015
205. Melt In Your Bosom 12/9/2015
206. You And I 9/4/2016
207. Extinguish Me 4/26/2017
208. Come To Me Naked 2/7/2017
209. Hope Is Like Breeze 5/11/2017
210. আমি ভালো লোক নই (Ami Bhalo Lok Noi) -new- 8/19/2017
211. What Have You Done To Me? -new- 8/14/2017
212. Beauty Is Not A Thing Of Five Senses 9/9/2016
213. Just One Kiss Away 12/9/2015
214. Gift Of Love 9/23/2015
215. Parting 9/9/2015
216. Conquest Of The Sorrow 9/9/2015
Best Poem of Arun Maji

Conquest Of The Sorrow

If you're broken
you're broken!
Your soul is fragmented
and your love is crushed.

Don't even worry
who did it to you!
what is within you!

First- make a sea out of your tears
and float your fragmented soul.
And then- wait for the wind of love
reunite your fragmented soul!

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Let our parting
be sweeter than our union.
Let our forgetting
be more musical than our memory.

Cloud has to part from the sky
one day or the other.
Soul has to part from the body
one day or the other.

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