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241. Beauty Is All Within -new- 9/8/2017
242. Never Die Until You Die (A Poem Of Inspiration) 8/13/2017
243. Why Love Is The Supreme Form Of Intelligence? 5/19/2017
244. নারী কি সত্যিই দুর্বল? 4/28/2017
245. I Want To Die In Your Embrace 2/9/2017
246. Your Eyes 12/18/2016
247. I Don't Love You Often 8/24/2016
248. You Are Beautiful As It Is 10/17/2016
249. Where Poetry Comes From? 4/18/2017
250. অভিমানে ভালোবেসে যাবো (Obhimane Bhalobese Jabo) -new- 9/16/2017
251. উন্মাদ কি কেবল আমি? (Unmad Ki Kebol Ami?) -new- 9/18/2017
252. জীবনটা ফ্যালনা নয় (Jibonta Fyalna Noy) -new- 9/19/2017
253. ভালোবাসতে তোমাকে হবে না 3/18/2017
254. Extinguish Me 4/26/2017
255. Come To Me Naked 2/7/2017
256. Melt In Your Bosom 12/9/2015
257. Your Happy Hips 9/21/2015
258. Hope Is Like A Breeze 5/11/2017
259. I Love You So Little -new- 9/13/2017
260. What Have You Done To Me? 8/14/2017
261. Just One Kiss Away 12/9/2015
262. Beauty Is Not A Thing Of Five Senses 9/9/2016
263. Let's Kiss And Forget Each Other -new- 9/18/2017
264. আলু কাবলি আর মালবিকার চেরি ঠোঁট 4/21/2017
265. আমি বীরপুরুষ (Ami Beer Purush) -new- 9/14/2017
266. সখী গো একটু ঢেউ খেলিয়ে দাও (Sokhi Go Ektu Dheu Kheliye Dao) -new- 9/11/2017
267. ঈশ্বর মরে যায় নি (God Is Not Dead) 6/3/2017
268. Gift Of Love 9/23/2015
269. আমি মরলে তোমরা কেঁদো না 3/11/2017
270. সুখ আর অবসাদ (Sukh Aar Obosad) -new- 9/19/2017
271. Parting 9/9/2015
272. Conquest Of The Sorrow 9/9/2015
Best Poem of Arun Maji

Conquest Of The Sorrow

If you're broken
you're broken!
Your soul is fragmented
and your love is crushed.

Don't even worry
who did it to you!
what is within you!

First- make a sea out of your tears
and float your fragmented soul.
And then- wait for the wind of love
reunite your fragmented soul!

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Gift Of Love

With shine of your eyes
my dream re- lives.
With smile of your face
my hope re-breathes.
With kiss of your lips
my wound repairs.

You transform mundane life
to a joyful existence.
You transcend time and space
to heal every existence.

To be lost into you
is to find myself anew.

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