arvind chandak

Rookie (08/08/1960 / India)

Biography of arvind chandak

Studied in a Jesuit School, completed graduation - B.A Hons, and post graduation in management studies from XLRI India, I have worked in the Human Resources field since 1981 in India and abroad. While in India I have seen poverty closely while I lead social service activities in villages surrounding the plant facilities where I worked.

The key thought that drives me in my life is to bring about peace and harmony in this metallic and strife stricken world. Personally - I beleive in doing - karma - and leaving it for God to do his judgement. It saddens me when people choose to play God or cut themselves from each other for reasons of each others doing. Forgiveness seems to be serious shor supply today, Updates



Water flows like music.
The sound of stream
The end of applause

Behind her slanted sunglasses
Her useless eyes were closed,
But she could see the music

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