ash enslow

Rookie (july 16th,1982 / Monterey, Ca)

Biography of ash enslow

Hello. The Road to hell was paved with good intentions. My mother told me that as i was growing up. She was right. Choices, consequences. Patience is a virtue. Knowledge is power. What you see isnt always what is there, and almost never what you get. Ten steps forward, five steps back, and if your lucky you wont get stuck in wet cement. Up shit creek without a paddle. You only get what you give...bullshit. ive gotten jack shit and given a plethora. recovery is a process, not an event. If you pray for patience, dont get mad when God makes you wait. Ta-Da! Updates

United Then Divided

Its been 28 years and Im ready to face
the pain i endured at an early age.

I came into the world pre mature
i just couldn'd wait to break free from her

exiting out from the toxic womb
away from alcohol and drugs
straight into the adoption room

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