Asha Adeana

Rookie (Nov.30th 1989)

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Asha Adeana poet

I write what I am feeling at the moment. I let it run right through me and on to the paper. I write what I am going through and all the heartack that I can't share. But for some reason I put my poems on here for all to read. It dosen't bug me one bit. For my poems are all about finding love, being in love, runing for love, not being loved, and all about depression, losing a best friend, hinding from my fears, and everything in the middle. I hope everyone likes them.

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Double Cries

As I lay here in this chair
Curled up in this so call blanket
That’s all wet from these tears that I hide
I don’t tell you my love
So you don’t worry
But my mind just seems to always fade
To the darkness I wish I could run to
Just to escape from all of this
To run right into your arms

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