Asha Adeana

Rookie (Nov.30th 1989)

Asha Adeana Poems

1. When I Wake 6/30/2006
2. My Wishful Good-Bye 7/5/2006
3. Nothing But Air 7/31/2006
4. When I Turn Around 7/31/2006
5. Fallen' Broken Walls 7/31/2006
6. What You Dont See 7/31/2006
7. White Roses 8/23/2006
8. I Could Never Fit In 8/23/2006
9. Just A Makebelieve Phone Call 8/25/2006
10. To Those 8/29/2006
11. My Sad Confession 8/30/2006
12. Crying And Can'T Stop 9/5/2006
13. Dancing Away 9/19/2006
14. With Every New Day 10/3/2006
15. Twisted Gateway 10/5/2006
16. Lost In Love 4/11/2006
17. A Wonderful Nightmare 4/11/2006
18. Just Another Dream 4/11/2006
19. Sadness 4/14/2006
20. Love? 4/14/2006
21. Emptiness 4/14/2006
22. Hiding 4/14/2006
23. Jared 4/21/2006
24. My Darkness 4/21/2006
25. Just Friends 4/21/2006
26. I Just Want To 4/21/2006
27. Crying 4/21/2006
28. You 4/21/2006
29. I Miss You 4/21/2006
30. Smile On 4/23/2006
31. Gone 4/23/2006
32. Lies 4/23/2006
33. All By Myself 4/28/2006
34. Just Cause 4/28/2006
35. Sitting Here 4/28/2006
36. Wishing A Pond A Stormy Night 4/28/2006
37. My Dark Room 4/28/2006
38. James Porter 5/18/2006
39. What If Just What If 12/19/2006
40. Twisted Inner Betrayal 1/31/2007

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Best Poem of Asha Adeana

A Kiss Good Night

Every night I like to dream
That I have you right beside me when I sleep
Just telling you don’t leave until I sleep
And dream of everything that I wanted to happen
You could have kissed me on my lips
But instead you gave me kiss on the forehead
As you thought I was asleep
But I was just waiting to see what you would do
As I lay there thinking of you
You made sure I was all the way coved
So I wouldn’t get cold or sick
Right before you left
Kiss me on my forehead
And said so quit that..
You’ll always be my little angel
That night I knew that I could ...

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Baby I Love You

I stand here before you a sad person
One that cant look you in your eyes
And just tell you how I feel
Even if it is so little
I just don’t know why I have tears in my eyes
While I try to tell you I love you
I say it over and over in my head
But it never free flows out my mouth
And when I just briefly look you in your eyes

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