Asha Adeana

Rookie (Nov.30th 1989)

Asha Adeana Poems

41. Free Fallin 4/8/2007
42. Maybe This Is Love 4/8/2007
43. Thoughts Or Memories? 8/4/2007
44. Replay 8/24/2007
45. Always Dream 10/11/2007
46. Love A Belief 1/18/2008
47. A Lonely Abousive Solider 2/13/2008
48. Nothing But A Dream 6/3/2008
49. ...But You'Ll Never Know... 5/29/2009
50. I Still Think Of You 6/26/2009
51. Look 10/24/2006
52. Every New Turn 11/17/2006
53. My Nightmare 10/11/2007
54. Untitled 5/31/2006
55. As No One Cares 6/2/2006
56. Double Cries 6/8/2006
57. Baby I Love You 6/9/2006
58. Open And Closed 4/30/2006
59. Throgh And Though 5/7/2006
60. Burned 5/14/2006
61. I'Ll Wait 5/17/2006
62. What You Do To Me 5/17/2006
63. Just A Plain Girl 5/17/2006
64. I Finally Found You 4/30/2006
65. A Letter My Love 4/19/2006
66. Disbeliever 4/21/2006
67. Tear Jerking Good Bye 5/18/2006
68. He Just Dosen'T Know 4/11/2006
69. When I Wake 6/30/2006
70. A Kiss Good Night 6/11/2006

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Best Poem of Asha Adeana

A Kiss Good Night

Every night I like to dream
That I have you right beside me when I sleep
Just telling you don’t leave until I sleep
And dream of everything that I wanted to happen
You could have kissed me on my lips
But instead you gave me kiss on the forehead
As you thought I was asleep
But I was just waiting to see what you would do
As I lay there thinking of you
You made sure I was all the way coved
So I wouldn’t get cold or sick
Right before you left
Kiss me on my forehead
And said so quit that..
You’ll always be my little angel
That night I knew that I could ...

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He Just Dosen'T Know

He holds the key to my heart
And he doesn’t even know it
He puts it in his little black wallet
So no one can take it away
His wallet matches his soul
So dark yet so scared
Dark from all the hate
Scared of ever finding love
But I love him until forever

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