Asha Adeana

Rookie (Nov.30th 1989)

Asha Adeana Poems

41. Free Fallin 4/8/2007
42. Maybe This Is Love 4/8/2007
43. Thoughts Or Memories? 8/4/2007
44. Replay 8/24/2007
45. Always Dream 10/11/2007
46. Love A Belief 1/18/2008
47. A Lonely Abousive Solider 2/13/2008
48. Nothing But A Dream 6/3/2008
49. ...But You'Ll Never Know... 5/29/2009
50. I Still Think Of You 6/26/2009
51. Look 10/24/2006
52. Every New Turn 11/17/2006
53. My Nightmare 10/11/2007
54. Untitled 5/31/2006
55. As No One Cares 6/2/2006
56. Double Cries 6/8/2006
57. Baby I Love You 6/9/2006
58. Open And Closed 4/30/2006
59. Throgh And Though 5/7/2006
60. Burned 5/14/2006
61. I'Ll Wait 5/17/2006
62. What You Do To Me 5/17/2006
63. Just A Plain Girl 5/17/2006
64. I Finally Found You 4/30/2006
65. A Letter My Love 4/19/2006
66. Disbeliever 4/21/2006
67. Tear Jerking Good Bye 5/18/2006
68. He Just Dosen'T Know 4/11/2006
69. When I Wake 6/30/2006
70. A Kiss Good Night 6/11/2006

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Best Poem of Asha Adeana

A Kiss Good Night

Every night I like to dream
That I have you right beside me when I sleep
Just telling you don’t leave until I sleep
And dream of everything that I wanted to happen
You could have kissed me on my lips
But instead you gave me kiss on the forehead
As you thought I was asleep
But I was just waiting to see what you would do
As I lay there thinking of you
You made sure I was all the way coved
So I wouldn’t get cold or sick
Right before you left
Kiss me on my forehead
And said so quit that..
You’ll always be my little angel
That night I knew that I could ...

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As No One Cares

My tears fall
More than I smile
My laughter fades
With your heart beat that goes
I can’t stand
From everything I hide from
Everyone I hide behind
I hurt a lot more
Since you walked away

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