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Biography of ASHIK RAJAK

I Ashik Rajak, was born in the country of green hills and White Mountains, the country which has been consecrated by God and where Nature still dwells peacefully, Nepal. I have been very sanguine of writing from my earlier childhood, scribbling words to paper every once in a while and working to watch it take form with time to form beautiful pieces that reflect me to the world. That happiness and peace on pouring ink to paper is beyond words.The inspiration from close ones, friends from the writing and reading community all across the globe is what keeps me going all the while.

I’d like to dedicate this page as well as everything that comes from me to my beloved, Smarika, who I love with all my heart and soul beyond words; and my family.

Nepal, a country which has been gifted by Nature also has a wide diversity within itself. The beauty of nature and the sufferings of people seen here in Nepal is very dolorous and heart touching, giving birth to change makers and artists who have risen from their sufferings to become amazing human beings; personalities the entire country praises.

Meanwhile I publish my writings here, I would be glad to receive feedback from anyone from the writing and reading community who happen to pass by to read through my work. Feedback will be very positively put to further improve and enhance my writing capability.

Do pass by again soon.
Thank you. Updates


Now, I’ve no trepidation
Of any jeopardy or the dark
Cause you’re the one
Whom I feel is
Eternally with me.

In every situation to,
Succor and be with
And never let me, alone
And be lost
In this leviathan,
Savage world.

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