Ashish Ram

Biography of Ashish Ram

I am a techie living in India in a place which the people here call the 'City Of Dreams'-> Mumbai aka Bombay.I was introduced to this great place(Poemhunter) by a very special person and since then i have been hooked to it. I don't write great poems(this i can say after reading the other poem's by members here at PH...all you write very well guyz n galz) but i like to write about my life and emotions.
Do check out my poems and suggest me ways to improve and to know more abt me, juz dropp me a mail. I luv makin friends. Updates

That One Temple Visit

Every monday i used to accompany my friend for a temple visit
He used to go inside and on the staircase I used to sit
Never did I have faith in the sound of bells
And the fragnance of that in-cense stick
Every thing is fake i thought,
That ever glowing lamp
And its ever burning wick
Mondays passed by and there i was
On the temple's staircase.....lonely with no cause