Ashlee Cornell

Rookie (Shepparton)

Biography of Ashlee Cornell

Everything came crashing down when I was 7 years old. My mother and father did things they shouldve have done, and I watched them. My family fought over who would have the kids, it didnt matter to me though, because i knew what would happen. We went to foster care.

Ive experienced so much, i dont even think a normal person could handle it.

Im sick of the shit, Im 16, im sick of putting on a fake smile, and being someone im not.
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Love Me, Love Me Not

She sat in the rain,
black mascara lines poured down her face.
He turned around, to see her like that.
He didnt care, he didnt stop.
She sat in the rain,
wanting to be held by him,
wanting to be loved by him,
but he left her,
with a bruised heart.

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