Ashlee Kilbourn

Rookie (August 10,1988 / Houston Texas)

Biography of Ashlee Kilbourn

I am a lonely girl who likes to skateboard and write poetry. Growing up I have always loved to write poems. When I was little I used to make up poems about how my day went or who i fought that day. I was raised in a family of screaming and yelling. I was always being shiped from place to place. One weekend I would stay with my mom another weekend I would stay with my dad. Other times I would stay with my grandparents or my aunts and uncles. I never really came into a good home until I was about 10 years old. This is when I moved in with my stepmom and my dad. From there when I turned 17 I moved in with my mother. I am 18 now and about to graduate from high school. I am going to be going to college to study pyscoliogy. Updates


for every girl who throws up in the toilet
and every one who can't look in the mirror
do you feel a tinge of regret?
for every word you used to say
and everything you said you stood for
do you ever look back?
claiming you lived in the shadow
of a carbon copy of what you are now
said you were different

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