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Rookie (07/07/90- / Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland)

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whatever i do i do it all for you

i've waited all my life to cross this line, to the only thing that's true, so i will not hide, its time to try the only thing to be with you, all my life i've waited, it is true- and that is poetry

I have this natural ability to write poetry with evoking emotion, as I am An expressionist

Well This is my new lease of life writting my poems here on this site, and I have a great lot if friends now that I am AT College!

I may be Studying At College in Scotland, you'd see me accomplish so much, my Uncle Passed 2 years ago, and I am putting my commemorative memorial poetry collection for him up here.

being an autistic Poet I tend to let my imagination soar and fly high and having autism spurs my creativity to the max potential.

I have this thing for YU-Gi-Oh! 5D's At The Moment. and Now I Also Have this thing for Michael Jackson too. most of his song titles have became known in my poetry. Stranger In West Lothian is adapted from 'Stranger in Moscow'

most poems in my collection are humanitarian poems, and some cartoons, some on family, some raising awareness of autism.

I actually broke into tears at college, which fueled my loneliness, and the lonliness fueled many of the somber poetry peices I have. I am a tortured soul, that wants justice.

I know now that, I am just not cut out for love nor friendships. Updates

Squall Leonhart

oh how i play final fantasy 8
my soul wonders prior to this day
my character is as gone from the past
for my new personality has taken over

squall, squall, how i give my life
to you, to you
my favourite character of ff8

for i wonder of this game to
make me change
forever i shall remain this way

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