Ashleigh Leona Mellon

Rookie (07/07/90- / Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland)

Ashleigh Leona Mellon Poems

41. Alone In West Lothian 3/29/2012
42. Neverland Dreams 4/2/2012
43. Dreams Of An Absolution 4/2/2012
44. Nearer My God To Thee 4/3/2012
45. Lonely Dancefloor 4/12/2012
46. Do You Still Care? 5/2/2012
47. Personality Shift 5/4/2013
48. Tears Of A West Lothian Fallen Angel 5/4/2013
49. My Heart's Cut Wide Open 5/4/2013
50. My Immortal 5/5/2013
51. Thy College Return 9/5/2013
52. Dawning Of The Day 9/19/2013
53. Sadness And Sorrow 10/17/2013
54. This Is The Last Curtain Call 12/25/2013
55. My New Soul- Computing Spirit 3/11/2014
56. Tristesse Et Le Chagrin 4/1/2014
57. Tears Fall Like Petals 5/7/2013
58. Swift And Sudden Fall From Grace 4/8/2012
59. My Fave Yugioh Character... Yami Yugi! 4/26/2007
60. Dreams Do Come True 12/18/2011
61. Amazing - Just The Way You Are 12/15/2011
62. Leave The Memories Alone 10/17/2011
63. To Where You Are, Uncle James 10/14/2011
64. Evidence- Csi 10/10/2011
65. Ode To Shadow The Hedgehog 9/5/2009
66. My Departed Grandpa- How I Miss Him 6/6/2009
67. Shadow The Hedgehog 6/9/2009
68. Shawn Michaels- Wwe Is My New Soul 2/18/2008
69. I'M Sorry, I Love You.... 5/10/2009
70. Whisper In The Wind 5/10/2009
71. Cherry Connerton- The Funniest Girl In The World 6/4/2009
72. The Flow Of Tears... The Flow Of My Sadness 6/20/2009
73. Chazz Princeton-The Things He Has In Common With Me 5/3/2007
74. Lonely Again 4/7/2012
75. Memories Are Made Of This 3/18/2012
76. My Dear Uncle- King Of My Heart Profound 2/6/2012
77. My Art Teacher 4/30/2007
78. A Friend..... We'Re All In This Together 12/15/2011
79. Heal The World 12/29/2011
80. Lonely & Forgotten 4/1/2012

Comments about Ashleigh Leona Mellon

  • Ashleigh Mellon Ashleigh Mellon (3/28/2012 4:21:00 PM)

    thanks Alicia. Um you have a point, people should not ridicule us, because we're disabled overweight or Have Autism. I want you to read my newest work, Stranger In West Lothian Taken from Stranger In Moscow by Michael J. Jackson, please comment it and I shall het back to you!

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  • Alicia Meyers Alicia Meyers (3/18/2012 4:56:00 PM)

    Ashleigh is an amazing poet, even though she is autistic. But any person with a disability, autistic, overweight, skinny, short, or tall - is all the same. Their all human. Their all equal. God made us, us. So people should be themselves. Ashleigh, I hope all your dreams come true. And I hope the awareness goes well. Have a great day, Alicia.

Best Poem of Ashleigh Leona Mellon

My Dark Side Of Me And A Video Game Hedgehog, Shadow- Our Dark Side

I have feelings you know
so has Shadow Too
To Get you to understand us...
We're like Caged animals

We think we're evil,
But really we're not,
We shut ourselves out,
From those who truly Matter.

We need time...
We think Enemies are obstacles
other than threats
But we treat our friends, if we have them
In a Different way.

They say that there is no dark without a light
And no Truth without the lies
No Boys without the girls
I always Say He is the Yang to my yin, That Keep things in balance

we can't escape this darkness in our ...

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The Rose

You my love, with bright twinkle in your eyes
the sun shines on you all day
while us, alas, on a emerald green hill,
making love on top of it,
the love you give is the love I get

you are the spring of the heart
the tender rose bud in my eyes,
the more love I get, The More I Kiss you

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