Ashley Emerson

Biography of Ashley Emerson

Hello my name is Ashley - Nickname Ashkee <<

Please don't ask why that's my nickname, cause it just is :)

I listen to Green Day << my favorite band. And Mike Dirnt is the sexiest fool on the planet: o

And you are NOT a Green Day fan if you:
1. Only have the American Idiot album.
2. Think Billie Joe is lYk sOooO tOtaLlY hAwT! ! 11 (cause he's not. His wife is hotter than he is)
4. Have no idea who are / have no respect for Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool. (you know, the better members of the band)
5. Or you just don't like them. But that's pretty obvious, is it not?

Note: Please don't waste your time sending me messages and what not telling me how much Green Day sucks or whatever, cause I already know that, and I really don't care. Don't send me messages dissing Mike. That's just not cool.

Please don't send me any chain letters. Those are just pathetic and you really need a life if you're playing around with those

Don't comment on my spelling mistakes if I make any. Nobody's perfect.

Some of my poems are a little stupid, so please don't say that I am childish or any of that nonsense, cause you probably need a sense of humor. Don't tell me that they are stupid, cause I know that.

Ashley Emerson's Works:

I'd like to make one :) Updates


Yo, Yo, my name is Joe
I work at the neighborhood grocery sto'.
I put away cans
With my hands, up on stands.
But today was different, wondere what it could be,
The store felt bigger than my eyes could see
I walked around but tripped to the ground.
Ow, my knee!
It hurts! It bleeds!