ashley greiner

Rookie (11/19/92 / Rialto, California [[but the Fontana Kaiser Hospital]])

Biography of ashley greiner

well, i dont have a lot to put here because i'm not that old. lets see...
i lived in rialto california. it was pretty scary there. i was kind of a tom boy but i played w dolls. now im far from a tom boy. im a cheerleader. i've gone to two elementaries, one junior high, and now im in high school. im not going to say which high school cus i've prolly already given out too much info but anyways. im still alive. i've written all of my poems by myself. im a pretty complicated person w/ a pretty simple life. um, i hope u like my poems!

ashley greiner's Works:

i havent written a book but someday, i hope to make a book of all my poems.: D Updates

Rain, Snow, Sucky Poem

Why can't the sun
Come out this day?
It is just
So very gray

I hate the rain
It sucks so bad
It just makes me
So darn mad

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