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Hello, I'm Ashley. I've been writing for a while, English has always been my best class, so i guess that makes sense. I'm kind of an unusual person, which makes me liked bc i guess I'm a good kind of weird. I have so many hobbies its crazy, i like to read, play COD on xbox, write obviously, play a lot of different sports, but im more known for my artistic side. Well ive never been good at hellos but im great at goodbyes so thanks for checking out my page! :) Updates


Cold and dark
You feel alone
So much to regret
You can't go home
They don't understand you
Your different, so sad
They always judge you
And make you mad
You try to escape
To cry
you do what you can
But why should you try
Cold and dark
Always alone
There's so much pain
When your at home.

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