Ashley Olson Poems

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What Makes A Friend?

A friend
What makes a friend?
A friend
Is someone that everyone needs

What's Love?

Love hurts
But it should never strike
Love can be lovely
But should never tell you what to do


I'm sorry that it was you in that crash
I'm sorry that you got hurt
I'm sorry that you're in the hospital
I'm sorry that I can't be there

A Mother Doesn'T Know...

Theirs times that you’re not around.
Theirs times it seems like you don’t care.
Theirs times I don’t see or speak to you.
Theirs times I question you.

Let Me Have...

I wanna live
But not this life
Let me eat
Just not that food


The blood that falls from my heart is not pain
Though it's the tears from my eyes
For red is not showing but it's the emptiness from my soul
For I would die then live but live to die

Another Scar

I close my eyes tightly
And bite down on my shirt
Knowing it's about to hurt
I breathe slower


Day in day out I think about you constantly
Day in day out I wish you where still here
Day in day out I wish I could still here your voice
Day in day out I wish I could see you one last time


My life is one of a kind
I've been through more than you think
Haven't seen anyone get shot
But I've had a gun to my face

I Miss You...

I miss hearing you say 'Miss. Long Legs'
I miss you showing me how to make a cake
A cake that you would make from scratch
Decorate yourself