Ashley Perkins

Rookie (7-9-92 / South Warren)

Biography of Ashley Perkins

Im a mother to a beautiful babyboy. His name is Christopher, but I call him Cj. <3 He's my everything. I am 19 years old. I grew up in South Warren, which is right next to Detroit, it pretty much is Detroit. I may be young, but I have struggled with life. Growing up I didn't have much. My mom was never around, she gave up. My Dad is mean, selfish, conniving, and don't know how to deal with his problems, he decided to take it out on us. I write poems because It's a way to deal with the struggles I have been through, and what I am still going through. I find myself when I have a piece of paper and a pen in my hand :)

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What Happened To Us

For once in my life, I have to say,
you were the first to steal my heart away.
I can’t tell you everything I feel, I held so much faith in you,
I thought you were my dream come true.
I don’t know how else to put this, but I know my words,
just like our first kiss.
It’s not as easy as you think, I’m afraid to close my eyes,
let alone blink.
There’s a scary thought in my head, that makes me nervous every single day.

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