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1. The Worlds A Mistake 3/31/2008
2. Please Dont Hurt Me For Being Me 4/10/2008
3. This Love Will Always Be True 4/11/2008
4. What Does Life Mean? 4/11/2008
5. You Have Stole My Heart 4/22/2008
6. Noone 5/20/2008
7. World Give Me More 5/21/2008
8. Tear Drops On My Pillow 5/23/2008
9. Is Life A Crime 5/26/2008
10. Strong One 5/26/2008
11. You Win.......After All 6/12/2008
12. No More Hatered 8/5/2008
13. This Will Always Be My Way 8/10/2008
14. True Friends 8/10/2008
15. My World Crashes 8/10/2008
16. Weight Of The World 8/26/2008
17. Greed Leads To Hate 3/7/2008
18. Please Help Me 3/23/2008
19. Why Did You Leave Me 3/27/2008
20. With Out You Iam Weak 3/27/2008
21. I`m Done Reaching Out 3/27/2008
22. Say No To Hate 9/28/2008
23. I Cant Win I Wont Lose! 10/1/2008
24. Ill Always Have This Fear 10/3/2008
25. To Much To Be Alone 10/3/2008
26. Tired Eyes Unheard Crys 10/7/2008
27. I Thought I Loved You 10/18/2008
28. I`m Not What I Appear 9/6/2008
29. You Can`t Beat Life 9/14/2008
30. You Try To Open My Eyes 12/7/2008
31. This Worlds Made My Heart Blind 12/9/2008
32. Why Do I Try? 12/9/2008
33. You Make Me Complete 12/16/2008
34. I Was Foolish 12/28/2008
35. Your Heart Beat Is Our Song 1/23/2009
36. I`m Trying To Beat This 2/12/2009
37. Hideing The Hurt 2/14/2009
38. One Way Ticket To You 2/27/2009
39. 8 Qustions For You 3/21/2009
40. Sweet Dreams 4/10/2009

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I Wish For This Girl

I wish for a girl that her smile makes everything okay

I wish for a girl that laughs at the funny things i say

I wish for a girl who likes sunsets on a beach while we lay

I wish for a girl that will love me until the end of our days

I wish for a girl that will let me treat her in the right way

I wish for a girl that will save me if my heart leads astray

I wish for a girl that will make all my hurt go away

I wish for this girl yet i know i`m not able to get her anyway

Ill just wish for this girl and hope she comes my way

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Greed Leads To Hate

Every person who wants power is at war

For any power that could give control Evan more

They fight for money for control they want it all

they fight to get rich but in the end they all will fall

They carry on going out and getting in wars

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