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41. Understanding This Feeling 4/25/2009
42. We Are One Is Not Forever 5/2/2009
43. Can I Change Alone? 5/5/2009
44. Your Game Broke Me 5/7/2009
45. I`m Back At The Start Of This Fight 5/9/2009
46. Protecting You From The World 7/15/2009
47. Conflicting Heart 7/15/2009
48. Your Everything To Me 7/16/2009
49. You Bring My Heart Bliss 8/1/2009
50. Sometimes A Cakes Just A Cake Sometimes Its Poison 8/5/2009
51. For You 8/26/2009
52. Hey Little Pixie 9/21/2009
53. My Lifes Aim 5/25/2009
54. Protecting Myself To Protect You 5/28/2009
55. I`m Here For You 6/29/2009
56. Waiting For That Day 11/23/2009
57. I Still Love You 11/23/2009
58. Family 6/29/2010
59. A Daisie Life 11/7/2010
60. Untold Demons 11/24/2010
61. Life's Mistake 7/22/2011
62. Missing A Angel. R 10/7/2011
63. You Don'T Want To Know More 12/29/2014
64. Life Of Shame 12/29/2014
65. Make A Change 11/14/2010
66. Lifes Puzzle 11/23/2009
67. I Killed My Heart 6/22/2009
68. Is This Life A Test? 4/25/2009
69. Lifes A Game And The Rules Are Unfair 3/12/2009
70. One Body Two Minds No Soul 1/25/2009
71. The Pain Is To Deep 9/18/2008
72. Your Love Makes Me Fly 7/12/2009
73. We Stand One We Stand Together 10/20/2008
74. I`m Sorry, I Have To Go Away 9/27/2009
75. 8 Qustions For You 3/21/2009
76. Please Go...Dont Stay 4/10/2009
77. Say No To Hate 9/28/2008
78. True Friends 8/10/2008
79. My Secret Garden 8/28/2008
80. Death Is Slow Motion 3/7/2008

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I Wish For This Girl

I wish for a girl that her smile makes everything okay

I wish for a girl that laughs at the funny things i say

I wish for a girl who likes sunsets on a beach while we lay

I wish for a girl that will love me until the end of our days

I wish for a girl that will let me treat her in the right way

I wish for a girl that will save me if my heart leads astray

I wish for a girl that will make all my hurt go away

I wish for this girl yet i know i`m not able to get her anyway

Ill just wish for this girl and hope she comes my way

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Please Help Me

i am reaching out for love when theres nothing else left
i am refusing to give in when i know this is not my best
this hurt i feel it hurts more than anyone could ever guessed
i know if my heart was to beat it would shatter my chest
i still stand tall ready for life's test wont let my fear be expressed
my thoughtless thinking is just like my pointless sinking
life can come to a end with a blink of a eye while everyone is blinking
noone around to wonder what is on my mind what i am thinki

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