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Rookie (may,31,1992 / Canada)

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Ashley somethingorother poet

I was born on May 31st 1992, and from there, grew up to be the most mature kid in my classes. I guess I learned how to write from my mother, who is an artist as well as a poet. I am now in 9th grade at an awsome french high-school. That's right, go me! !

Ashley somethingorother's Works:

i haven't had any books published but i have a poem in a book that is being published called 'Immortal Verses, ' my poem is called 'Another number' Updates

A Lonely Bluebird Sings

I am walking down a pathway,
maddened by the fight.
That may mother and I had,
late the other night.

She said, 'you cannot date him, '
I said, 'I don't know why! '
She told me, 'he only wants one thing,
and get it, he will try.'

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