ashleymarie love zysek

Rookie (august 2nd 1994 / lockport, new york)

Biography of ashleymarie love zysek

My name is Ashleymarie.
All my life i have tried to take on other people's problems so that i can hide my own.
i am sad most of the time.
I have been mentally abused and watched my siblings be physically abused and so i write to get this pain out.
I am not very good but i like being able to get it out there in the open.
please feel free to comment and message me and i will return the favor Updates

The End

alone in her room, she hears his voice
'come lay down'
he unbuttoned her pants,
'wait, '
he silenced her with a kiss
she tries to shut him out
'just relax, it won't hurt much.'
he thrusts in and out,
no she presses the bottle to her lips

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