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Ashraful Musaddeq poet

Love poetry from the core of heart and feel thirsty while enjoy nature.

Born at Kishoreganj, Bangladesh on August 16 1958. From Dec 1981 to Jan 1983 served a consulting firm in Dhaka as the Junior Agricultural Analyst in Dhaka. From Jan 1983 to Jan 1986 worked with the Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation as Assistant Director at Gazipur. From Jan 1986 joined Bangladesh Civil Service Cadre and now serving as the Deputy Secretary to the Government.

Education: BSc Hons in Agricultural Economics from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh (1979) . Master of Social Science in Economics from National University, Gazipur (2001) . MBA in Marketing from World University of Bangladesh, Dhaka (2005) . Now working with Occupational Mobility of the Female Garment Workers to fulfill the PhD degree under the Department of Government and Politics at Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka.

Love to write poems and haiku in English and Bangla as well as interested in translating poems and haiku.

Ashraful Musaddeq's Works:

18 Books

Bangla: 7 poetry Books:
Pushpito Biswaser Dike (2007)
Oporanher Peyalay Shondhar Chamoch (2007)
Cycler Ringe Shomoyer Kathi (2008)
Furner Bone Bejider Pronoy (2008)
Londovondo Bikaler Bili Deya Chule (2009)
Spordhito Adorer Nivvrito Lipikola (2010)
Chileghurir Chirayoto Akash (2011)

Translation: 8 Books:
Japaner 100 Haiku (2007)
Japaner 150 Haiku (2007)
Japani Shishuder Haiku (2009)
30 Desher 40 Kobita [40 Poems of 30 Countries] (2008)
20 Desher Kobita [Poems of 20 Countries] (2009)
Japaner 200 Haiku (2010)
Bissher Shishuder Haiku (2012)
Medinir Haiku (2012)

English: 3 Poetry Books:
Beckoning Jade-Dreams (2007)
Firefly Can't Make A Day (Jonaki Banate Pare Na Din) (2008)
Affluent Love—The Silent Killer (Ofuronto Valobasha—Nirob Ghatok) (2012)

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[02] From The Footpath

Neither holding hands nor any kiss
Neither making love nor any caress
I want to put my mind on your mind.

Passing days through the happy air
Situation kicked out the purchasing power
Utility and desire can't make a demand
I want to see your face before death.