Ashton John Fischer Jr.

(New Orleans, Louisiana)

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  • Willa T Olivier (3/19/2005 5:03:00 AM)

    Hello Ashton John Fischer Jr. I liked your poem, 'Fourteen Lines of Life.' I could
    see that you were playing around with the two meanings of the word, right, and thereby leading to some playing with the words left and wrong. You suggest mystery, and I couldn't tell whether you might have been referring to a one-time-only date, or a short affair, or some other relationship, not a romantic one. Perhaps you are teasing your readers. In any case, I enjoyed your poem. Willa TO.

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Fourteen Lines Of Life

This is not the first time, but 'tis the last,
For my ends are always new beginnings;
And only I can ever know my whys,
Wherefores and withers, and even why nots?
It is what she grasped in her hand once and
Yet hasn't let go. It's not what she thinks:
Not future or family nor reason
But my right hand which she held, not the left.
They're best left alone, but the right fingers

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