Ashvini Swamy

Ashvini Swamy Poems

81. Irobot 6/23/2012
82. What Became Of Me 6/23/2012
83. A Warriors Smile 7/14/2012
84. Sense Of Smell 7/14/2012
85. Cruel You 7/15/2012
86. Two Of A Kind 7/20/2012
87. The Sentence 7/20/2012
88. Dew 7/20/2012
89. Sun Eater 7/20/2012
90. Deal 7/23/2012
91. Too Good To Be True 6/23/2012
Best Poem of Ashvini Swamy

Too Good To Be True

Solitude can sometimes be such a maddening crowd
I have never known silence to be loud
It was the season when the peacocks were dancing
And on my skin the rain was lancing
As I breathed in the cool wet air
I kept imagining that you were still there
Though my hourglass had been broken
The time spent with you was my token
As the sand slipped through my fingers
The memory of you in my heart still lingers
I climbed a pinnacle with you so high
Now I wish that you could hear my cold sigh
My life was filled with colors from your pallet
Until my heart was crushed...

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The Refuge

Under the star spangled sky night prevails,
Of not beauty but fear does she wear a veil,
Creatures Of the underworld roam abound,
No where but no where solace is to be found,
Hated & betrayed & falling from grace
Oh is there no place that I can save face!
Darkness & her creatures are hunting me down,
Can I my sweet take refuge on thy hallowed ground…

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