Asper Reynolds

Biography of Asper Reynolds

I was born in Orem Utah but my family moved around a lot We lived in Florida, California, Massachusetts, and Ogden Utah. We also spent about half a year in Iowa when I was fifteen.
I am the oldest of four (Two sisters and a brother) My dad is a jack of all trades. My mom is a painter and when I was little she used to write songs and sing a lot.
I was in home school from fourth grade on up. I got an associates degree in fashion design and merchandising before I finished high school.
Now I am married to my lifelong Sweetheart Eric. We have three children, a girl and two boys. I run an online store selling vintage jewelry Called Lulus Treasure Chest. It can be found on etsy.
Someday I hope to publish one of my longer stories that I have written and to open a brick and mortar antique store.

Genocide Of Innocence

They came just like the rest of us, Human from the start.
They had a mind, they had two hands they had a beating heart.

The littlest ones we slaughtered first, they never saw the sun.
They never were held in anyone's arms these nameless little ones.

Others we see on the news each night, their faces soon forgot.
Just little strangers who happened to be unlucky in the parents that they got.

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