Asper Reynolds

Biography of Asper Reynolds

I was born in Orem Utah but my family moved around a lot We lived in Florida, California, Massachusetts, and Ogden Utah. We also spent about half a year in Iowa when I was fifteen.
I am the oldest of four (Two sisters and a brother) My dad is a jack of all trades. My mom is a painter and when I was little she used to write songs and sing a lot.
I was in home school from fourth grade on up. I got an associates degree in fashion design and merchandising before I finished high school.
Now I am married to my lifelong Sweetheart Eric. We have three children, a girl and two boys. I run an online store selling vintage jewelry Called Lulus Treasure Chest. It can be found on etsy.
Someday I hope to publish one of my longer stories that I have written and to open a brick and mortar antique store. Updates

On A Bad Week

On a bad week

Day 1: I haven't finished my reading list yet.
Day 2: Ordering something , now I have to wait for that new bed set.
Day 3: My brother's birthday is coming up soon, I'd hate to ruin it for him like that.
Day 4: Who would take care of my cat?
Day 5: Just breathe, if nothing else just live.
Day 6: So scared that I have nothing left to give.
One week: I'm still here.