Astral Shepherd

Rookie (1948 / Mass.)

Biography of Astral Shepherd

Astral Shepherd poet

Astralshepherd took this penname in 2003 and began
writing as a form of personal exploration.
What resulted was a series of personally difficult
poems but meaningful to many who read this poets work.

In 2006, Astralshepherd began reading these poems
aloud at open mic. sessions and to anyone who would
stop and listen.

A child of the 50's, a cancer survivor,
married with one daughter, this poet carries the voices
of more than six decades of life experience and
unique perspectives into a new millennium.

You can find many of Astralshepherd's poems at

Astral Shepherd's Works:

I write at, a Canadian based web site for writers, poets and philosophers. Several of my poems appear in anthologies published by KREATIV, South Africa. Updates

Blue Cat

She walks her blue cat
While moonlight stalks the shadow
When the breezes cease

Gathering flowers
White Jasmine scented blossoms
For her temple crown

Gracefully she moves

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