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What's the point of writing a whole paragraph about me? I'd rather just explain why i'm here. I love poetry. I will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the person who completly distroyed my life, and i will have a poem, i'll dream of my writing. And I just hope one day i can become a famous poet. And follow my dreams (for the fact that i'm only 13 [for the stalkers lmao]) And well i'm here just to start off. I've lived things a normal girl my age shouldn't of. but i love my life and it's all good, i know i'm young but i fell in love. And it was a preety stupid mistake of mine really. Now i know that.
But i'm happy i made that mistake because now i can live my life knowing that there REALLY is love out there for everyone, i'm just not ready for it, or if i am, i'm too young. and rather focus on this. my dreams. instead of some stupid lil imature kid who thinks a peck is 'making out'.
This is my life theory: There's love out there for everyone, we just need to know what we love and it'll walk right up to us and say hey. but i'm not mature enough for that. i'm not ready to fall in love once more. There IS love out there for me. But who know's if i'll ever find it. and if i do, i'm happy. if i don't i'll just live it up. the way things should be.

astrid carolina's Works:

haha working on this onee!
look out for the book, 'what you don't know about teenagers'
jeje my life story. Updates

Our Last Chance

Baby, Baby I could tell you,
And that is what I'; ll do.
You're not my first love and you're not my last.
I could say you are but I'd be lying.

I pray thatnks to god i found you so fast.
Beat, Beat, I wish I could put my heart in a cast.
I sit here and realize the sad truth.
I still have those pics from tht picture booth.

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