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41. An Invisible Eye 3/8/2017
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10 Thousand Thundering Typhoons

The brain evolves and at the same time disdain dissolves-
a wave of calm, sovereign soul facing laws, a fatal flaw -within the
matrix(matricks) -razor-waves-claws-engrave with solid strength..
A cosmic embrace..Dawn of the modern-slave, an age-less bond, spaces beyond the cradle-o-god, prayers are gone along with forsakers&pawns,
Putrid political puppetry..illusions and critical sufferings-LOST,
but engaging the sacred -cause..An ancient calling raising the basic-logic Launched! - a craving of knowledge- the veil-falls, avowed is whats been shrouded, circumvolved and ...

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World Eater

hatching universes through lucid exploration, patched with placement-amusing basics-proving the worth and improving crucial spaces..through it -it turns- a fusion created-the cosmic-cane-reboot the matrix, illusions dillude the ''pools-o-fools''..clueless-cases..schooled in a cruel cadence-drooling that spew verbatum

detatching through emergence the truth-extends, transformation-new to begin-maturation-within this demension-evolution isnt forbidden, it end to the limitations-

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