Atef Ayadi

Biography of Atef Ayadi

Atef is a Fine art Painter, Sculptor, and social media artist ( He wrote poetry as a way to escape from the visual world of art in order to come across new themes and styles, or simply he does not consider boundaries between a color, a form, words, gesture, an attention, and a Teryaki sentiments. Updates

The Fun...

technicus (home sapient 2.0, or simply technician in many fields)homo potatoes. homo goat's cheese homo pizza delivery homo security officer, ..., from homo-i am obama and your are not- to
evanka promotional coupons....and so forth. They evolved to share frameworks, fireworks, cutting edge l.a.s.e.r beam decision making....sophisticated platforms, .... conversational think beer-tanks with masks, space suits, and hamlets with horns, muddy-to-dry swamps, but still, emotiona

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