Atef Ayadi

Atef Ayadi Poems

1441. Your Soul Mate 9/3/2007
1442. Your Three Doors Are Open 9/2/2008
1443. Zero Gravity 2/21/2006
1444. Zone I: The Republic 7/21/2008
1445. Zone Ii: The World Of Indifferent Gods 7/21/2008
1446. Zone Iii: The World Of Possibilities 7/21/2008
1447. Zone Iv: The Universe Is For Everyone 7/21/2008
1448. Zone Two: I Gotta A Feeling 1/10/2010
1449. Zone Two: I Have What I Asked For 1/11/2010
1450. Zone Two: Le Temps Des Grand Explosions 1/10/2010
1451. Zone Two: A Child Question 1/11/2010
1452. Zone Two: A Normal Day 1/6/2010
1453. Zone Two: Am I A Responsible Lover? 1/10/2010
1454. Zone Two: An Attempt 1/6/2010
1455. Zone Two: Application Layer.... 1/11/2010
1456. Zone Two: Fantesy 1/6/2010
1457. Zone Two: Few Featured Things 1/7/2010
1458. Zone Two: Few Things 1/6/2010
1459. Zone Two: I Will Falow You... Until 1/10/2010
1460. Zone Two: Mon Triplette Est Ma Chanson.... 1/9/2010
1461. Zone Two: My Touchey Toooochi Down Touch Chi Tchi Betci Chi Down... 1/9/2010
1462. Zone Two: Network Layer 1/11/2010
1463. Zone Two: Next Move 1/6/2010
1464. Zone Two: Nothing Can Discribe A Sexie Yo Ho Chee Ik! ! 1/10/2010
1465. Zone Two: Softwar Layer 1/11/2010
1466. Zone Two: What Is About Tomorrow? 1/6/2010
1467. Zone V: The Dying Universe 7/21/2008
1468. שיר שלא פורסם, שם מלא 1/15/2015
1469. 我不是 CHARLIE 1/15/2015
1470. 私は決して後悔しない.... 1/15/2015
Best Poem of Atef Ayadi


My pants
Are falling
Even though I
My belt
since this morning.

I bought
A week ago
For $2.00
Are kicking

Both my pants and the pair of shoes
Are not
A week of pain
I have been going

Read the full of $2.00


Is a complex phrase
Made out of simple words.
She turned me into a simple phrase
Made out of complex words,
And commas racing foolish dots.

Eileen is a woman with whispering eyes
That defeat the galactic distances,

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