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The Ree-Winder

hi Dude,
I am sure you are fine and stuff are also in your side.

tonight (between 9 and some extra time biking to roll up from the square of Lincoln to Esquire of the Lincolns square, where social media meet reality tv,) then over vindigo (place for the instable, flexible, from simple minded to hight ezz 'and! dizni wen-dizzik'...In one look, I can..testify...even under the oof of any god you may bring to the table; it is place where where predictability meet with natural CHOES, and human theory....meets the market reality) I went to help an artist known by the name braibless, for his show at gallery vindigo (i mean: vin die and go) . really this g(a/u) y is a self expression of american liberalism and self sustainability...i do not know, i can not be scenicalism as much as i myself try to make my life funnier (i am talking about funnier as jendoubi/toonsi met-garr'rib) who like real fun! i am sure from here one can draw the line or lines and even lions, alliances, and appliancez and their marginal figurative)

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