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AtreyaSarma Uppaluri Poems

161. Haiku: 08 10/8/2009
162. Breezy Gal 10/7/2009
163. To Market... In The Times Of Recession 7/19/2009
164. Just You And Me: My Simple Song 3/29/2009
165. How To Kill The Time Aboard A Train 4/17/2009
166. Limerick: Fatty 5/30/2009
167. A Litany For Brittany 12/22/2009
168. A Politico Speaks Out (A Dramatic Monologue) 5/30/2009
169. My Ugadi Day 5/30/2009
170. Silly Senryu: Weddings Galore 10/6/2009
171. Ugadi 2009 (Happy New Year) - Acrostic 3/26/2009
172. Girls Then And Now… 4/17/2009
173. My Dream Girl 9/24/2009
174. Cerulean Chiaroscuro 9/24/2009
175. Sonnet: A Goon Poet 10/15/2009
176. Baby Relativity 10/15/2009
177. A Made For Each Other Couple 3/26/2009
178. A Housewife Supplicates 3/29/2009
179. A Riot Of Colours! 10/15/2009

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A Riot Of Colours!


Green leaves
gazing at red flowers
turn green with envy…

Red flowers
eyeing yellow fruits
turn red with anger…

Yellow fruits
seeing the green leaves
turn yellow from age…


looks askant at Black
and boasts:
“Look here, darkie!
I am the light
I am the purity
You’re grimy and gloomy! ”


Not to be outdone
Black taunts back:
“O wily White!
You’re full of pallor
with no originality.”

Black goes on to brag:
“East or west, Black is best
North or south, Black has ...

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Sankranthi or ‘Sun’kranthi (the way I prefer it) or Makara Sankranthi is a major Hindu festival marking the transition of Sun into Capricorn and occurs in mid January, about 21 days after the tropical Winter Solstice. It’s a festival of farmers and of harvest and of their cattle, of increased human activity and enlightenment. The goddess of wealth, Maha Lakshmi is invoked, among others. Lot of fun and frolic is associated, with children loving to play their kites, and girls

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