• ''The devil is no outsider, he is just the over-powering part of me. The creator is pushed to hell by the created.''
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  • ''To be an identifiable face on the canvas of the faceless crowd don't be ‘ordinary' rather let the ‘extra' cognizably jut out of the ‘ordinary' by your own efforts rather than depend on Fate.''
  • ''The word ‘like' in the Facebook is painful when a heart-rending photo upsets my conscience and I am expected to ‘like' it. Doesn't that ‘like' depict me as a sadistic person who likes the agony portrayed just as the vampire ‘likes' blood or else what am I ‘liking'?''
  • ''The creator is greater than the created, the inventor greater than the invented and the discoverer greater than the discovered, so how can a man play Godman who is a petty creature of His making and be a replacement of his Creator?''
  • ''He is not a saint who has freed himself from the mesh of relationships but he who performs his duties towards ‘relationships' and yet remains aloof to free himself from worldly attachments.''
  • ''It's better not to follow any religion because it makes you a member of a group which no matter how idealistic and humanistic tends to distinguish between members and non-members. The schism of ‘we' and ‘they' blinds understanding and instills superiority complex amongst members of a group.''
  • ''By present parameters I don't belong to the rich bracket. I am poor when compared with crores of people across the world but I am rich when compared to ten thousand crores or more people.''
  • ''Comparison in itself is not bad. It is its nexus with the frustration, disappointment, disenchantment and distress with all their concomitant pathogenic disadvantages of which one becomes a victim when one finds himself at a lower point on the scale of achievement which is bad.''
  • ''Work distribution of deities is a common feature of Hinduisim. It helps you select the right deity to solicit boons and helps you concentrate on your aim. Each deity is a facet of the Ultimate Power.''
  • ''God does not become big or small whether you write ‘GOD' or you write ‘god'. God does not cease to exist, if you don't believe in God. God is not established, if you believe in him. What God is He who is dependent on your belief?''

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Honor Killing: No Honour

They dragged Love out,
From the darkest hide,
They abused and scorned,
Molesting with deride;
With sticks and stones,
They lynched the two,
Strangers and relatives,
Hounded them too;
They trampled dreams,
They crushed emotion,
They bruised and hurt,
They exulted commotion;
"Blacken their faces",
Some proposed with delight;
Some said, "stone them",
Some said, "ignite";
Some relished the idea,
Of tying them to a tree,
Then lashing them until,
From life they were free;
Wounded and ...

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A dream slipped out
Of the hands of the dying night,
Falling to pieces,
On the floor of dawn,
Aglisten with the first rays,
Of the budding sun;
No splinter, yet pierced,
No wound, yet hurt,
A bruised self

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