Audrey Stephenson

Rookie (Houston, TX)

Audrey Stephenson Poems

1. When The Hollow Boy Breaks A Promise 7/25/2007
2. Pride Has Forgetten Its Name 7/25/2007
3. Sardonic Joke Coined Desire 7/25/2007
4. The Hollow Boy Is Feeling Lost 7/25/2007
5. Huddled Memories Grabbing The Reins Of A Lonely Good Bye On A Cold Yellow Porch... 8/3/2007
6. I Live In A Corrugated Meaning... 8/3/2007
7. Oh Bob Dylan, You Are Dead To Me... 8/11/2007
8. Panama Rainwater 8/13/2007
9. The Forecast Can Only Climb So High... 8/21/2007
10. An Act Of Contrition 8/30/2007
11. Goodbye Nora The Beast... 9/7/2007
12. Although I'Ve Lived I'Ve Never Been Alive... 9/15/2007
13. A Comic Display... 9/23/2007
14. Insect, You Are My Sweetest Downfall... 10/1/2007
15. Berets Look Better On Him... 10/15/2007
16. Burrowed Through Scars... 10/24/2007
17. The Inflatable Girlfriend... 11/23/2007
18. Grow Up Into What Stupid Girls Always Humiliate... 11/23/2007
19. Atrophied Thoughts... 11/24/2007
20. The Hollow Boy Is Left Wondering Why... 12/6/2007
21. Silent Night 7/26/2007
22. Steal Hope At A Store Near You... 7/26/2007
23. I Was A Basket Filled With Holes, And He Was The Sand I Tried To Hold... 7/29/2007
24. As We Shepherd Heavy Hearts... 1/1/2008
25. Love Stamped In My Mother's Handwriting 1/5/2008
26. The Artist's Crime 1/8/2008
27. Can An Odometer Hold Onto Her? 10/2/2008
28. Stretch Marks To Stretch These Hearts Apart 8/31/2009
29. Dirty Stained White Stained Grief 9/1/2009
30. Stuck Within The Bright Green Serrated Cloudy Muck And Oh God What Have I Done? 9/8/2009
31. I'M Sorry My Roommate Is Such An Explicative 12/4/2009
32. Eating Unripe Peacock Feathers 2/22/2010
33. Sitting In A Coffee Shop Wondering If I Pulled My Hair Out, Would You Love Me More? 4/20/2010
34. The Laundromat 1/17/2008
35. Agora: The Derelict... 2/26/2008
36. These Words With No Replies Scrape Into The Sparrow's Nest 4/20/2008
37. Postage Stamps Cling To Folded Hands Clenching... 5/7/2008
38. Complete And Utter Mental Dyslexia... Again 6/3/2008
39. Much Conversation Seems To Happen Without Words... 6/20/2008
40. An Attempt To Cauterize A Conflict... 7/30/2007

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Best Poem of Audrey Stephenson


These threads pull together
These threads weave together your existence
Your dependence
And as we look to the sky
We live
And as we hide
Cut the rope that he’s tied

I’m bound by the tension that we’ve placed between us
This silence is simple
We look at our hands
Weather by scorn
And bruised by demand
As we lift these heavy expectations

We breathe for the threads that hold us together
We breathe for the stitches that hold us in place

These threads pull together
These threads weave together
And once we’ve forgotten
These ...

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Silent Night

Oh silent night. Hear the asphalt dropp under your feet. See the Crooked Cops haunting every street, in the Silent Night.

Now divorce or marriage, I can't tell the difference anymore. Might as well leave my keys by the bedroom door. Might as well call it sacred, might as well call it a rhyme. But I'm glad you made it, kid your right on time, in the Silent Night.

Now the Vampires won't hurt you here.
They're not looking for blood,
They're looking for fear,
And it's fear I took,

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