Aufie Zophy

Gold Star - 19,993 Points (18 October 1964)

Biography of Aufie Zophy

My name is Hans Van Rostenberghe (reflectionsbyhans.blogspot)
I am living in Malaysia and love to read a bit of life's philosophy. Just trying to express some of the thoughts in a melodious way.
I chose the author name of Aufie, which is a contraction of auto and fiets, Flemish for car and bicycle. How I came to this author name is a long story.
My blog is found by googling reflectionsbyhans.blogspot

Aufie Zophy's Works:

A garden of wisdom, love and beauty, co-authored with two friends from Malaysia

Tiny beads of wisdom with the potential to make large chunkx of difference (published in APril 2015) Updates

The Light Of Love

A black angel and a white angel kiss;
rainbow colors adorn their wings.

The kiss becomes a halo of joy and bliss;
a tender light of love starts glowing

The light turns into a mighty star, a sun,
shining rays of love for every man and woman.

It all started with a lovely kiss
between two angels, black and white!

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